About to Go Over the Fundraising Edge? Or… What to Do When the Economy is Down?

We need to don new lenses and cast our glances further afield to find new opportunities. On behalf of the vulnerable and others whose well-being relies upon our sector, now is the time for exploration and innovation, for operating with a clear vision and a positive outlook.

One of the great lessons from this economic downturn (or at any time for that matter) is that dependence on one supplier for anything — customers, funders, employment and so on — makes for poor strategy. I think it’s common sense — but it’s inviting to take that route when times are good. Solid strategic planning takes a more long-term view and the eventuality of a market downturn into consideration.

Author: Andrea McManus
Publisher: ViTreo
Source: ViTreo
Date published: February 2019
Geography: Canada
Keywords: Fundraising
Category: Donor & Giving Trends